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Dear Eckhart,

You often use phrases such as "true alignment with life" and "inner
alignment with what is". How can we ever be out of alignment with what is?
Surely what is is WHAT IS and must include confusion, resistance and non
surrender to the present moment.

Best regards,

Answer: What you say is the truth.  As long as that truth is not recognized, however, there is suffering (which of course is part of what is.)  As soon as it is recognized, a new dimension arises: awareness, Presence.  This is the awakening, the shift, the transcendence of suffering.  So, when I say alignment with life I mean conscious alignment.  Non-surrender to the present moment is ultimately only non-recognition that you are already one with what is.  This is the illusion of separation

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Healing and uplifting
Mother Earth
Through a world wide web
Of Light
Dear one, you are not here by accident ...
Will you assist us in creating the biggest shift of consciousness our world has ever experienced ... ?

Lieve medemens,

Je bent hier niet toevallig ...

Je kan deelnemen aan een wereldwijd netwerk van Heling & Transformatie om de grootste quantum-sprong in bewustzijn te veroorzaken die de aarde ooit gekend heeft ....?

Dank je bij voorbaat voor je deelname ...
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Ik kan nauwelijks wachten.
De tweede helft van Januari gaat de Nederlandse documantairefilm Staya Erusa in premiere.
Claudia Bredewold, Ronald Jan Heijn en Harry Beckers, zijn verantwoordelijk voor dit Document, dat ze volgens hun website hebben vervaardigd met hulp van: Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso of De vijfde Dalia Lama, Alice Ann Bailey en Jiddu Krishnamurti. Allen reeds aan gene zijde.
Het doel van "Fase drie" zoals ze zich noemen wordt op hun site als volgt omschreven
Een oplossing voor vele grote maatschappelijke problemen loopt vaak spaak door gebrek aan inzicht. Een primaire voorwaarde is dan ook dat het bewustzijn van de mens zich gaat verruimen en de eerste vereiste hierin is een algemene bewuste aanname van het feit dat er alleen maar leven is, dat de mens voortdurend opnieuw wordt geboren totdat hij een bepaalde mate van bewustzijn heeft bereikt.
Door ons er bewust van te maken dat de dood een illusie is, probeert het 3 tal onze angst voor de dood weg te nemen.
Er is nog veel meer info op die site. lees met me mee via bovengenoemde link
of bekijk alvast de Trailer
May the force be with you
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Als je echt knallend vuurwerk wil zien
Denk dan eens aan
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the truth
has to dawn upon you
that there is
to understand.
When your inner demand to be something different than what in fact you are comes to an end, then the neurotic demand to change your society ceases. You are in perfect harmony with society, including its brutalities and miseries.
You actually have no way of looking at the sunset because you are not separated from the sunset. The moment you separate your self from the sunset, the poet in you comes out. Out of that separation poets and painters have tried to express themselves, to share their experiences with others. All that is culture.
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The only way for any one who is interested in finding out what this is all about is to watch how this separation is occurring, how you are separating yourself from the things that are happening around you and inside you.
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My dear friends, I know that many of you have been deluged and duped for eons into making you believe in "stories" that have one common thread in all of them - if you bother analyzing them at all: The desire to cover the Truth of who you really ALL are, where you ALL originate and came from, and the strong desire to hide your true origin as sacred and glorious parts of the ONE Eternal Energy.

By belittling you, they all have disempowered you and put you in a state of fear and slavery to the sole satisfaction of your senses, and have blocked the realization that you all carry the infinite and Zero/Infinite Point Energy within, and need no technological attire to manifest it. You were born, naked, with all the necessary and sufficient equipment within your Spiritual make-up to far surpass and overcome the sub-gods and dark energies that have been trying to keep your real Divinity down. You have allowed yourself to cover your Eternal One Reality with a cover of skin and dark thought/energy.

Infinity cannot be restricted by others, it can only be made dormant by our own selves, only with our own accord and by our free will. If we believe in our condition of being born in a diminished sinful state and under the control and leadership of Higher beings, then we become what we believe we are. Man is the only being amongst all created beings who carries within his created-self the ability to become fully the Eternal and Infinite Power and Divinity. No other form of expression of The One can attain the full range of the totality of the Tree of Life from top to bottom and back to top - only man can. Each and every single one of you can. Not even the Archangels are given that ability.
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Anything you do
 to escape from the reality of the world
 will make it difficult for you
 to live in harmony
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I always thought that true enlightenment is not possible except through love in a relationship between a man and a woman. Isn't this what makes us whole again? How can one's life be fulfilled until that happens?

Is that true in your experience? Has this happened to you?

Not yet, but how could it be otherwise? I know that it will happen.

In other words, you are waiting for an event in time to save you. Is this not the core error that we have been talking about? Salvation is not elsewhere in place or time. It is here and now.

What does that statement mean, "salvation is here and now"? I don't understand it. I don?t even know what salvation means.

Most people pursue physical pleasures or various forms of psychological gratification because they believe that those things will make them happy or free them from a feeling of fear or lack. Happiness may be perceived as a heightened sense of aliveness attained through physical pleasure, or a more secure and more complete sense of self attained through some form of psychological gratification. This is the search for salvation from a state of dissatisfaction or insufficiency. Invariably, any satisfaction that they obtain is short-lived, so the condition of satisfaction or fulfillment is usually projected once again onto an imaginary point away from the here and now. "When I obtain this or am free of that ? then I will be okay." This is the unconscious mind-set that creates the illusion of salvation in the future.
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Why am I here on earth?

You are here for one purpose, and that is that you are trying to prove to yourself that you are separate from God. In reality, you and God are one, but in fact you have created the illusion that you are indeed separate.

How do I create this illusion?

The illusion is created by thinking you are separate from other people. Without other people, you cannot create the illusion of separateness.

How do I heal this illusion?

You must see the face of God in everyone you meet, and you must realise that you are One with everyone and everything. As long as the thought of separateness remains dominant in your mind, you will always have great pain in your life.

This tiny thought that you have separated yourself from all of Creation is indeed the source of all your pain. Heal this thought and all pain and poverty will be forever gone.

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